Hype X

R3,999.00 R2,999.00

Display: 6.18” FHD IPS display (Notch Screen)
Camera: Front 16MP / Dual Rear Camera 12MP+5MP
Platform: Android Oreo
Battery: 3400mAh Battery
Memory: 32GB ROM / 3GB RAM
Processor: Qualcomm SD450 Processor
Features: Fingerprint Sensor, Face Unlock

55 reviews for Hype X

  1. Michael Rabie

    I love the new mobicel look. It’s sexy. The picture quality is amazing. I would have mistaken the phone for one of the leading brands … Actually 3 to be exact.

  2. Xolie

    Love it so much ❤

  3. Lionel

    Love it pushing the limits of cutting edge technology

  4. Yanga Justin Mnana

    The design is out of this world and the Fantasy Purple colour is magnificent. It’s dual rear camera is so perfect. Mobicel Hype X is a game changer and it’s pictures are so awesome.

  5. Elric

    Great phone, mobicel is the future.

  6. Sandile Lucky Ntuli

    This brand new device is out of this world! The design is very sleek, the price is very affordable and the features are very impressive! Imagine a R3999 device that has the feel and everything a smartphone worth R30 000+ would have! I am in love! Thank you Mobicel ????????????

  7. Tarsha

    Love the design of the phone! The camera quality is amazing as well. Definitely catching up to the leading brands in the market at a much more reasonable price. Well done, Mobicel!

  8. Shandré Lummis-Rabie

    I’m honestly obsessed with this phone✨ everything about it is so amazing especially the camera and it’s effects wow, 19/10 would recommend to everyone I know

  9. Cecilia

    Wow. Where do I start?

    I am absolutely enthralled with the new Hype X, from MobicelSA.

    As a business owner, who works in various creative fields, editorial, video, photographic, campaign management and social media advertising, to name a few. I NEED to have reliable technology on me at all times.

    I am so impressed with the high-end camera quality and the speed of the processor on the Hype X.

    The device is affordable, and yet, the quality is competing with some of the top mobile companies in the world. I have also tested the video quality out and was really impressed.

    I would 100% this device to all creatives, or those who work in the industry, the world is going digital and you need good tech on your side, my advice. Dont worry about those “other” brands, that are basically asking you to put yourself in debt for the quality we all deserve. Get yourself a Hype X and #BeMore.

    Great device, MobiCel, I look forward to making waves with my Hype X.


  10. Amantle mashele

    big HD display but also light weight.
    amazing cameras. in love with the rear camera
    huge storage with an SD slot too. I can’t fault it. I was waiting for it to overheat but it doesn’t do that. I’m impressed!!! well done mobicel

  11. Chanel

    Mobicel offering quality device which are of quality, affordable and user friendly.

  12. Zabelo Hlabisa

    I am loving the Camera features, the battery life is out of this world!!! Thank you Mobicel

  13. Ashleigh

    Love the sleek, light weight design of the phone. The HD display is amazing and battery life is long- lasting.

  14. Teneal Pillay

    HD display is amazing , and selfie camera features are my favorite. Battery life of this HYPE X is INCREDIBLE!
    Light weight and easy to use.
    Storage space is amazing . I’m impressed!
    I would definitely recommend it.

  15. Kirsten Diedrick

    The Hype X is a pleasure to have as a phone. The display is incredible and the selfie cam is of a high standard. One of the best features was the battery which lasted up to two days before needing a new charge.

  16. Nthabiseng Salemane

    I absolutely love this phone! From it’s Ultra HD pictures to it’s sleek design, the flashlight you can turn on when your surroundings are dark and you would like to take a selfie, the 16MP selfie camera, the quality of the pictures ???????? The list goes on and on! It’s value for money and worth every rand spent!

  17. Nthabiseng Salemane

    I absolutely love this phone! From it’s Ultra HD pictures to it’s sleek design, the flashlight you can turn on when your surroundings are dark and you would like to take a selfie, the 16MP selfie camera, the quality of the pictures ???????? The list goes on and on! It’s value for money and worth every rand spent!

  18. admaakal

    I’ve used many mobile devises in my lifetime but nothing has come close to the level of excellence that the Hype X possesses. The body of the phone itself is incredibly lightweight but sturdy and has an incredibly large screen to be able to have a more emmersive experience with the phone. This is great for using social media, gaming and for an improved overall experience. The Hype X has 2 incredible cameras. The front facing camera is 16MP and the dual rear camera is 12MP + 5MP. Both cameras amaze me every time I take a photo. I’d compare it to some very good DSLR cameras. It has the most modern and advanced technology with its facial recognition, voice recognition and a finger print scanner at the back.
    You could not ask for a better phone, especially considering the price.
    Battery life is phenomenal and hardly requires hours of charging. The processing system of this phone is super smooth too.
    This is one of the best phones of our generation and with superb technology to back it up.

  19. Tiffany Jenna

    This is an amazing device all round. The software is super fast , camera is AMAZING for selfies, group photos and even product photography! I would suggest this to anyone who is in the market for a new phone and wants to stay on trend at same time while not breaking the bank !

  20. Nkanyezi

    Love it.. The pictures are just perfect. ????????

  21. Cheyanne

    I am so happy with the Hype X by Mobicel SA!

    With its slim line design, large screeen and cutting edge technology and AMAZING camera quality there isn’t much to be disappointed about. One of my favorite features has got to be the professional camera quality and features of both the selfie and rear camera. In addition the front 16mp camera has an optional front facing light. AMAZING!!!

    The device also has 32GB of storage space and a quick processor which is exactly what I look for. Additional the dual sim option can also be used for an additional memory card for even more storage space on the device.

    The Hype X design, camera quality and editing features levels up to some of the other leading brands.

    Mobicel SA has done well with this device and I think it is a great smartphone for its budget.

  22. Vuyo Renene

    I am really impressed with this device. The design is SO sleek and light. It’s a top contender for best phones, and it’s even better that it’s made in South Africa. The price point is very affordable for what the device comes with. The best feature for me is something so small, I love that the fingerprint is at the back of the phone, because when you pick it up because of the way people hold phones, it automatically scans it. The back camera is also really good and is great for selfies. Really love this phone !

  23. Vuyo Renene

    Design wise this phone is absolutely breath taking, it is so sleek and light. My favorite feature is the fingerprint sensor because it’s such a small but effective feature. The way the most people pick up their phone allows for easy unlocking. The back camera is REALLY good, I managed to get such beautiful shots of the ocean and various landscape. For the price point, this phone is definitely a top contender for best phone and it’s a proudly South African product

  24. Lethu

    Great slim phone. Great camera quality

  25. Amarah Hoosain

    Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this phone. The camera quality and the features in general are amazing. The battery life is also impressive.

  26. Nomfundo Radebe

    Absolutely amazing, picture quality is incredible and very convenient to carry around!

  27. Dain

    This phone is really amazing and the camera ???????????? taken some real beautiful pictures with it and the phone works so well

  28. Shalltin Beneke

    The new mobicel Hype X is an amazing phone. The price is competitive and the quality is top class.

  29. Dimitri

    My experience with the Hype X has been awesome ???? personally I am big on social media and content creation so I loved the front and all its magic filters ????. On the other hand the display is awesome, massive screen really brings the phone to life. All in all you get wayyyy more phone for your money ????????this is a great offer✌????

  30. Carvin H Goldstone

    Yeah its nice. Smooth navigation, good battery life. Dual sim and good camera. The Hype X is the one

  31. Dimitri

    My experience with the Hype X has been awesome ???? personally I am big on social media and content creation, so I loved the 16 MP front camera and all its magic filters ????as well as the AI tech.

    Visually the display is awesome????. The massive 6,18″ screen really brings the phone to life. Whether you are just doing your day to day tasks or watching movies.

    All in all you get wayyyy more phone for your money ????????this is a great device at a super reasonable price✌????

  32. Leah

    I am so impressed with the quality of this phone. It has a amazing features and the camera quality is one of the best I’ve seen in a phone. If not the best.

    A great device.

  33. Genna-Wae Webster

    I really love this phone! It has an incredible camera. However I found the phone to be laggy when using multiple apps at once. It couldn’t keep up with me doing that. Otherwise in terms of affordability and value for money for a smart phone, this phone is definitely my number one choice. Smart phones are ridiculously over priced and I love that Mobicel is a consumer conscious brand and they are also a South African company and I believe in supporting local! Keep up the amazing work guys and did I mention that it comes in unicorn colours!?

  34. Kathryn

    A phone perfect for the South African market. Affordable, trendy and everything you need and want in a phone and more. I am so impressed with my Hype X and highly recommend the new mobicel!

  35. Connor Wilson

    Amazing phone. Welldone Mobicel, it’s definitely a game changer????????????

  36. Khotso M

    I leave in Bloem and proud owner of Mobicel R3. Your brand is highly competitive and continuing to do so.

    I called your call center to order an extra battery and enquire about R9, and was told about Hyper X. Wow, Wow, Wow!

    I’ll be ordering Hyper X shortly.

  37. Priyanka

    So impressed with the new mobicel Hype x .
    It has some great features including the different modes when taking out pictures .
    The selfie camera is perfect at night time which is what amazed me.
    It’s a very comfortable & easy phone to handle .
    Let’s not forget the best part of it all , the BATTERY life. This is the best ! I literally charged my phone once in two days , win win situation.
    Overall I’m really impressed & will continue enjoying the features of the Mobicel Hype X.

  38. Ayanda Kunene

    Great value for money smartphone. I love the sleek metallic finishes and can we talk about the camera quality, phenomenal!! The selfie camera takes is just as amazing as the rear camera. Crystal clear images. Definitely worth the buy.

  39. Sibusiso Nzimande

    Such an affordable price for such a high tech smart phone ,from its camera quality to face regonition it’s definitely a contender in the new market

  40. Chelsea-Summer Lodewyk

    Majestic! This phone has been such a pleasant surprise.

    The Mobicel Hype X has an amazing camera 16mp front cam, 12mp+5mp dual cam., A brilliant user interface and is an all-round stunner of a phone. I can honestly say has one of the best if not the best cameras on any smartphone on the market right now!

    The phone’s built-in memory is in incredible, it has a long lasting battery, does not overheat which is a usually a problem with many smartphones and has great security (Fingerprint unlock & Face Recognition)

    Well done Mobicel on showing the world that SA should be recognised for it’s mobile innovations and world-class tech!

  41. Holly Mcetywa

    I am totally in love with the Hype X , and as a huge selfie taker I am honestly very impressed with the selfie cam ,I’m loving the huge screen as well as the amazing features the phone has ,all in all I am very impressed and Mobicel has done an amazing job on this phone

  42. Sinomonde Ngwane

    I’ve been using the new Mobicel hype x phone for a few weeks now and I’m so impressed with everything. The size of the phone, screen quality, camera, battery life and many more amazing features that enable me to create content for all my social media platforms. Thank you so much Mobicel !

  43. Tina Nkangane

    I’m amazed by these specs and features.
    16mp selfie camera (i’m obsessed with this spec)
    Beauty mode levels are amazing, you can actually take a picture and still natural…only eliminates unwanted spots.
    Battery life for life and so much space to storage.

  44. Wyne Gumbi

    I’m really impressed with the awesome features like 16 MP front camera , quality pictures, 12 MP big pixel size sensor ( 1,25 um ) , Dual tone flash led , 6,18″ 19:9 FHD & metalic back. Everything about this phone is so awesome especially the technology on it is on another level and it’s easy to use also user friendly.The quality of pictures are insane.
    I have enjoyed the journey ????????.

    #BeTheHype #BeMore

  45. Kiara Ramdial

    The Hype X has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. The design is super sleek and it is light and easy to carry around with you. The phone is affordable and definitely worth it ????

  46. Didintle Moeng

    The Mobicel Hype X has been a pleasure to use! The camera quality added by the 16MP front is amazing and works perfectly at night ????. The rear camera is quite clear quality and the blur feature helps making pictures better. The phone itself has a quite sleek design and has been user friendly, i enjoyed the cool features like informing you of a spam number. Easy to use and the the infinity screen makes the phone’s design even more elegant ????.

    It has a long battery life which is amazing for someone who is always on the go between school and socializing.
    Keeping things safe and private is also easy with the fingerprint lock , everything is a tap away.

    It is innovative and really has brought a new feel to Mobicel!
    Affordable and current 🙂
    Thank You Mobicel SA.

  47. Holly Mcetywa

    Guys I am honestly so impressed with this phone ???? and as a huge selfie taker I have to say the front camera works like a dream ,just all in all the phone is amazing ,thank you to Mobicel for coming out with this amazing phone

  48. Lebogang Ndabambi

    I love the camera and the long sustaining battery life

  49. Barnelle Dlamini

    What a masterpiece! I’m in love with every single detail.

    From the slickness, to the camera quality (both front and back), astounding!!

    Great screen display, nice design, excellent build quality and battery life is all a person could ever ask for.

    It is also very affordable I must say. Props to Mobicel for this wonderful product.

  50. Zané

    I love how compaible this phone. It is so easy to navigate. It is user friendly. The battery lasts for a long time. I love the new and improved camera quality. It’s clearer and it has so many other feautures

  51. Shawn Taljaard Viljoen

    Omg when I saw this phone I couldnt wait to just have it. The style / The look / The cameras are amazing I love a good front camera !! I love the black ???? it looks luxury and so sleek I love the fact that its thin and comfortable in my hand ! I haven’t been so Hyped for a phone in a very long time. #BeTheHype

  52. Tamlyn G

    My Hype X is absolutely amazing! Picture quality is so crisp and really brings my pictures to life! The 3 finger screenshot feature is really cool! Battery life is also really impressive!! Mobicel really out did themselves with this spectacular device!!! Thank you!

  53. Shana Genever

    Its so kwaai. Best camera I have had, even compared to my old samsung. Love it.

  54. Ronell

    The Mobile HypeX is such a pleasure. I Luurvvee the Dual SIM card, the large screen, it’s super sleek and intuitive to my needs when using Google. Great price point, and bonus that you’re supporting a local business when buying one. 🙂

  55. Pat

    The disruptive Hype X has changed the landscape of smart phones in South Africa. Strategically positioned for the masses with all the whistles and bells of the competitors. The phone’s striking looks kept on turning heads and display had my eyes glued. With AI features such as facial recognition unlocking is a breeze. The speed of the phone is remarkable and the ability to fast charge is highly appreciated. The ability to snap away with ease and have fantastic results left those around me in awe. The one downside was the R3 subscription services inherently built into the phone, these are not a must to opt in but give the phone a tacky feel.
    Overall this phone is impressive

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