About Us

Welcome to the BE MORE Philosophy

It is a philosophy we apply to ourselves and our work, and it also sums up what we offer to our customers. In keeping with the inspiration behind the founding of the company, we are not simply about manufacturing mobile devices. We are committed to keeping all South Africans connected through high quality technology at the most affordable prices. We enable South Africans to BE, DO and HAVE MORE: more efficiency, more mobility, more productivity, more freedom and personal power. We achieve this by revolutionising the local cellular technology market. Through this we strive to bring positive change and improve people’s lives.

Meet the MobiSquad

The Mobisquad are a team of funky, trendy, content creators that tour South Africa painting the country purple. This team live and breathe Mobicel. The Mobisquad can be found out and about South Africa, from big city events, to small town parties, and everywhere in between. From the schools in deep rural South Africa to Universities, the Squad are there to guide South Africa’s future heroes in how to BE MORE and ACHIEVE MORE. Keep an eye out for the Squad and when you see them cruising around in their snazzy purple cars and busses, be sure to say hello. Our squad will be able to talk to you about our products and treat you to a great experience.