About Us

Welcome To The 'Be More' Philosophy

We have to Be More because you Need More, always. It is a philosophy we apply to ourselves and our work, and it also sums up what we offer our customers. In keeping with the inspiration behind the founding of the company, we are not simply about manufacturing mobile devices – we are committed to keeping all South Africans connected through high quality technology at the most affordable prices. We enable South Africans to BE, DO and HAVE MORE: more efficiency, more mobility, more productivity, more freedom and personal power. We achieve this by revolutionising the local cellular technology market. This is our mission: we don’t strive to make great phones; through great phones we strive to bring positive change and improve lives.

Our Story

South Africans have long since offered more than the world expects from us. This is what we’re about and how we came to be. We punch above our weight, and we inspire more than most.

When we had the idea of launching a South African phone brand to the market, we were told that the market is too established for new blood, that we can’t go toe-to-toe with the traditional players, and that if we’re not already a conglomerate from the East or West, what business do we have in providing tech products?

We didn’t listen to those voices – we listened to the South African spirit within us that said that we can be more, and do more.

So here we are now. We are delivering on our promise on offering great quality, high-tech, full-featured phones to the South African market – and we’re doing it at a much lower price-point that the other guys.